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SandhillAmerican AvocetMountain Bluebird2010 NPN "Editor's Pick"White IbisRing-Neck PheasantGreat EgretAvocetsLoons in heavy mist, B.C.Tundra SwansGreat EgretLesser Scaup, maleRuddy Duck, femaleCooper's HawkLesser Scaup, maleSnowy EgretLesser Scaup, femaleSandhill CraneMallard, Male

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dave waddell(non-registered)
excellent photos ....i think i've seen some of yours online....NPN perhaps and have enjoyed them very much.....all the best and be cool....dave
Albert Ryckman(non-registered)
Gorgeous images
Wish you'd included lens/camera/speed...
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