Nature's Majesty Imaging | Africa 2014
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April-June, 2014 -
S Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Okavanga Delta, Caprivian Strip, Zimbabwe
Lilac-Breasted RollerBateleur EagleLesser FlamingoLeopardKori BustardAfrican Fish Eagles, MatingDust BathBlacksmith LapwingNamibia LadyBoa Swallowing GeckoMalachite KingfisherSpotted Hyena CubBotswana LadySouthern Pale Chanting Goshawk"White" RhinosStalkingSaddle-Bill storkLion KingLionness and Cubs

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Jim DeWitt/Frozen Feather images(non-registered)
Excellent work, Sandy. Enjoyed the photos very much.
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